Unearth your authentic self

Your healing journey

This process isn’t about getting rid of the things we don’t like about ourselves or striving to be a perfect. The path to freedom lies in integration, which means bringing harmony to your inner world so that your wounded self is no longer running the show.

My coaching style may seem counterintuitive, as I guide you towards the parts of yourself you’ve been avoiding and encourage you to meet them with curiosity and compassion.

The parts of you that are frozen in the past or trapped in limiting beliefs are keeping you stuck and small. I can help you integrate these so that your system can find balance and you can be free from your past and step into an empowered future.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Coaching

I am highly intuitive and am skilled at guiding you towards the part of yourself that is ready to be witnessed.  During our session, I may take you through a guided visualisation, somatic practice, or EFT (emotional freedom technique) depending on what’s needed. Our sessions are a co-creation, and I will always work with what resonates with you.

Enhance your session with TRE

My coaching sessions are even more powerful when partnered with TRE (tension & trauma release). With this powerful combination we are processing on a cognitive level with coaching and releasing from the body using TRE.

Working together

Coaching is a collaborative action-based modality, so if you’re ready to move forwards and look inwards, I’m waiting to work with you.

Coaching is different to talk-therapy as we’re working holistically and with the subconscious & energy system. I hold a compassionate and supportive space while gently yet deeply guiding you through your process.

Sessions take place in-person or via zoom. I offer 60 or 90 minute sessions & coaching packages are available.

Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Coaching

“I have had a number of sessions with Lenna, and all have been insightful, shifting supportive and have enabled me to feel so much more grounded! Her knowledge is immense, and her observations and honesty are always just what I need to hear.”