Psychedelic Integration

I am an ally, trusted guide and fellow traveller on the path of psychedelic healing and personal transformation.

I offer 1-1 psychedelic preparation & integration sessions to support your personal journey with psychedelics. Psychedelic integration is the process of consciously transforming yourself and your life using the insights from your psychedelic experiences. Whether you’re heading to a retreat or experimenting with microdosing, I can help you to feel equipped for the journey and get the most out of your experience.

I can support you with:

Preparation and navigation skills

Navigating life transitions

Spiritual awakening process

Processing challenging psychedelic journeys

Shifting old thought patterns and limiting beliefs

Shadow work

Why prepare?

The most productive journeys always start with preparation which is why I strongly advise having at least one preparation session before you embark on a psychedelic journey. A preparation session will help you to feel more confident going into your journey. You can ask any lingering questions you might have, learn techniques for psychedelic navigation and start working with your intention. The more preparation you do the deeper you’ll be able to journey and the more you’ll get out of your experience.

Coaching can help you to…

Learn about the risks and benefits of psychedelics

Prepare for psychedelic journeys

Make sense of insights from your trip

Work through any difficult or challenging material

Create a daily integration practice

Create a roadmap of your healing journey

“Every part of the journeys I’ve taken with Lenna have been well-considered and meaningful and I have felt safe, seen, and supported.

Lenna perfectly balances ceremony and magic with grounding and integration and has helped me create energetic and physical shifts in my life. Truly wonderful experiences.”