Psychedelic Guide, Integration Coach &
TRE Provider

Who would you be underneath the layers of programming, wounding, and limiting beliefs?
– Let’s find out!

Welcome to Shift Happens, a space dedicated to guiding women on their journey towards authenticity by shedding layers of wounding, conditioning, and unhelpful patterns. Are you ready to step into a future of freedom and empowerment?

In a world that constantly tries to mould us into conformity, we are forced to navigate societal expectations, often sacrificing our true selves along the way. I believe we are all born unique, but many of us have been unconsciously programmed to mask our authentic expression so that we can fit in.

I see a shift happening—a collective awakening among women who are reclaiming their power and choosing to shine as their authentic selves. It’s time for an evolution of consciousness, where we embrace our true selves and rewrite our narratives.

If you’re tired of conventional therapies and self-help techniques, welcome to my space. Here, we take a holistic and innovative approach, addressing the mind, body, and energy system to bring all parts of you into balance so that you can be free to create the life you choose.


My 3 pillars of healing

Our behaviours and beliefs are deeply ingrained in our mind, body and energy system. To address these deeply rooted patterns, I’ve curated modalities specifically designed to reprogram the subconscious and release old patterns from the body. Modern psychology, with its heavy focus on the mind often overlooks the interconnectedness of our human ‘being’ which has trapped many of us in cycles of endlessly talking about our issues without seeing tangible shifts.

My three pillars of healing are designed to activate your innate inner healing mechanisms and create space for your authentic expression to emerge.



Shedding light on your patterns and behaviours while learning tools and strategies for growth and evolution. My coaching sessions are a combination of coaching, somatic exploration and EFT (tapping)



(Tension & Trauma Release Exercises)

TRE is a powerful yet gentle way of melting away stored layers of tension that we unknowingly carry within our muscles, tissues, and fascia. TRE activates a natural reflex mechanism of shaking or vibrating that releases tension, calming down the nervous system.




Psychedelics are a powerful tool that help you to see what’s blocking you and holding you back. They allow you to tap into your energetic body and reveal the trapped emotions, energy, and trauma within the system.

“Lenna’s ability to listen, question, and guide is so amazing, as is the humour she is able to add to the sessions.

She is like a breath of fresh air!”


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