The Journey Within

The Journey Within

A 6 week Transformational Journey with Psilocybin

This is a carefully crafted journey that works
with your subconscious, body and mind to give
you the foundations you need to transform
your life and create a deep relationship with


“I became a psychedelic integration coach so
that I could be the support I wish I’d had. This program is the culmination of everything I’ve learnt.”

release. restore. reconnect.
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What is Included?

A self-led online course and workbook

3x 1:1 preparation sessions

1x psilocybin journey in the Netherlands

3x 1:1 integration sessions


Your journey will take place in Noordwijk; a peaceful beachside location just 25 minutes outside of Amsterdam.


6 spaces available for 2023 from 24th October – 9th November

How is this different?

This is NOT a retreat

You’ll receive in-depth tailored 1:1 support from the beginning to end. This whole experience is about you and your needs. 

This is NOT therapy

Integration coaching empowers you and gives you the tools to make the shifts you want to see in your life. This is an action-based program that requires your engagement and commitment. 

This is NOT just a pyschedelic experience

This program focuses on creating trust between us so that you can have the deepest possible psilocybin experience and feel safe and held. 

release. restore. reconnect.
Client love from Cleo

This is NOT a one-off

My clients come back! Psilocybin is a powerful tool that can help you to navigate your life and guide you into becoming your most authentic self. My clients understand this, and appreciate having a safe and well-held space to return to each time they hear the call. 

By application only

If you work with me, we will go deep into your core to uncover what is keeping you from being your truest self

If you’re hearing ‘the call’ or wish to embark on a deep healing journey I would love to work with you!

The psychedelic path is like an infinite puzzle. 

Each journey will gift you a new piece to integrate into the whole.

Shift Happens