The Journey Within

A 6 week transformational journey with psilocybin (in The Netherlands)

Welcome to this innovative 6-week program, where I’ve combined comprehensive psychedelic preparation, somatic processing, and integration to provide you with the optimal setting for a safe & transformational psychedelic experience.

What is Included?

A self-led online course and workbook

3x 1:1 preparation sessions

1x 1:1 psilocybin retreat with sound healing

Overnight accommodation & food

2x 1:1 integration sessions

release. restore. reconnect.
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The path of psychedelics is not for the faint of heart. This is no magic cure or quick fix for life’s challenges, and the journey itself is only half the story.

Although psychedelic experiences are intrinsically healing, you can vastly amplify their effects through proper preparation and integration.

This program ensures you feel equipped and prepared for the journey and that you have ample support throughout the entire process.

I aim to help you cultivate a relationship with psilocybin so that you have a supportive tool for life.

By application only

The psychedelic path is like an infinite puzzle. 

Each journey will gift you a new piece to integrate into the whole.

Shift Happens